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Covid Testing 2020: Information for Patients

There is an increase in Covid-19 cases and contacts right now. Please note that mask wearing, hand washing, and social distance are the best defenses we have to prevent exposure. Remember to avoid gatherings- especially indoor gatherings- and definitely use masks, even if you are around friends. Remember that if you are within 6 feet of another person, you need to both be wearing masks. Be cautious about sports for both players and spectators. We recommend masks in these situations especially as case numbers have been increasing.

If you have any symptoms including sore throat, cold symptoms, headache, rash, stomach symptoms, loss of taste and or smell, you would need testing. If you have had a known covid contact you would need testing. If you do get tested, you should self-quarantine/isolate at home pending test results. Please refer to the following link to www.cdc.gov for the most updated and detailed information about COVID-19 and related questions.


Remember that it can take up to 14 days after an exposure to become positive, so one negative test does not clear you from risk.

Ibuprofen does not need to be avoided- that concern about ibuprofen and covid has been dismissed.

The following is information about where to go for local testing:

  • No order from us is required for testing at Bridgeport hospital or at St. Vincent's.
  • The hospital based tests are most accurate. The rapid tests are not reliable.
  • St Vincent's/Hartford Health at Long Lots in Westport as well as at several other sites does them for adults and kids. No prescription from a doctor is needed. I am told that the St Vincent's one is a mid nasal swab- not uncomfortable. For St Vincent's: 1-833-621-0600 is the number to call. Be sure to give an email and ask at time of scheduling about how to set up the "my chart" to get the result.
  • For Bridgeport hospital testing, no prescription from a doctor is needed. Bridgeport hospital scheduling is at: Covidtesting2.ynhhs.org
  • Stillson road Bridgeport/Yale urgent care does testing as well. Our front desk has the scripts required and we fax them over. So if you plan to go there- just call our front desk to fax over the script.
  • Griffin Hospital in Derby is also doing an excellent job with the testing. For Griffin testing, our office needs to fax over a prescription. If you choose Griffin Hospital, call our front desk to ask them to fax over the prescription.

All of these sites seem to be taking between 1-4 days for results, but the quality of the test is better than walk-ins. The number of days seems to be improving lately, but it can vary- probably based upon how overwhelmed they get with tests. If you have suspicion about illness or exposure you should be staying home and quarantined anyway- so the number of days should not matter.

Remember that none of the tests are 100% accurate. If you think you have been exposed or that you might have Covid, still follow quarantine guidelines and of course follow up if any concerns or if doing worse.

For any concerns and questions, please call the YNHHS COVID-19 Call Center at 833-ASK-YNHH (833-275-9644) or of course follow up with us.

If you have other medical concerns such as a sore throat that could need a culture, be sure to follow up with our office and speak with one of our doctors so we can plan to do a throat culture if needed- usually after we know the patient is covid negative.

If a patient has more worrisome symptoms like significant abdominal pain, or if not doing well in any way please be sure to let us know so one of the doctors can speak with you about the symptoms. Alot of people are focused on Covid right now, but we still have to consider other illnesses that would need attention asap.

Well Care Visits

In addition to bringing your child in to see us when he or she is not feeling well we strongly recommend routine well care visits. Click here for a schedule of well care visits for your child.